Are you confused which programming language you should choose as your major? Then we got you covered.

At the beginning you need to know on what platform you are going to use your skill:
1. As a Game Dev.
2. As a Android Dev.
3. As a Software Dev.

To work as a Game Dev you should need these programming languages.
(C++, C#). These are the best programming languages to work as a Game Dev.

To start your journey as a Game Dev you can use Game Engines like Unity and Unreal. Both Engines are good for beginners.

Unity uses C# language to develop games and Unreal uses C++. Most of the high tier games are mostly developed in C++ language.

For Android Dev you should go with these programming languages. Java, Kotlin.
Java- The most popular.
Kotlin- Google even announces to use this.

To get started to build and practice android apps, you should download the Android Studio. Available on both Windows and Mac.

To work as a Software Dev these languages you should know. C++ , Python. 

Python is more versatile and powerful than C++. It can be used in A.I development, Machine learning, Web development.

Both C++ and Python have their own uses and field.

To practice these languages, you will require Visual Studio build by Microsoft.

C++ is fast as it is statically typed which leads in faster compilation time.
Python is slower than the C++ as it supports dynamic typing also it is interpreted language which takes more time.

As a Developer you should always be in learning manner. This will help you to keep up with the upcoming and changes in the industry.

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