Mario Molina The saviour

Back in 90s the threat to Ozone layer was rapidly increasing and no one have a clue of it.

Back in 90s the depletion of Ozone layer was getting more crucial and becoming major threat to Earth.

Ozone layer was getting thin on poles of earth and even in some areas it was depleted.

Things change when the Mario Molina held it's research on it.

He discovered that CFC(Chlorofluorocarbon) gases, freons and even refrigerators gas were causing this. 

After taking care of CFC gases the threat limited and in result it also restores the 

Mario Molina was awarded Nobel Prize for his discovery. He was the first ever Mexican-born scientist to recieve this.

For over 40 Years he continued their work in United States and Mexico to prevent and repair these damages caused by humans to Atmosphere.

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